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A Safe Escape to the Desert

There may be no safer place in the United States to play golf than Scottsdale National Golf Club. And that…

Chef's Table

Chef’s Table

The French Laundry in Napa Valley, California, and Le Bernardin in New York City, both 3 Star Michelin-rated restaurants, are…

Villas - Juniper


At a club with impeccable service, glorious golf courses, world-class dining and mesmerizing views of the Sonoran Desert in North…

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The Other Course

Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. Not at Scottsdale National Golf Club. When Bob Parsons decided…

Bob Parsons

One Rule

A private golf club membership comes with many things. Not the least of which are rules. Plenty of rules. Don’t…

Mine Shaft

Golf Magazine

The 5 Weirdest Design Features in Golf and What Makes Them So Strange

The Golf Magazine team names the Mine Shaft Bunker one of the most unique course features in existence.

SNGC Club View

Golf Magazine

Why Joining an Exclusive Golf club Isn’t as Unrealistic as You Might Think

Golf Magazine talks national memberships and the SNGC Xperience.

Bad Little Nine

Morning Read

In Defense of Golf Course Difficulty

Morning Read outlines the brutal and incredibly fun experience that is our Bad Little Nine.

Bob Parsons

New York Times

The Secret of Their Success: It’s Not About the Money

The New York Times sits down with Bob Parsons to discuss how he built successful businesses in competitive industries by offering exceptional experiences, not chasing wealth.

Scottsdale National Golf Club

The Average Golfer at Scottsdale National

Watch The Average Golfer’s “surreal” experience playing The Other Course with PXG PGA Tour Pro Ryan Moore.