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Putting Members First

Membership at Scottsdale National Golf Club comes with many perks. One of the least known, but most valuable, is having…

How to become a Member at Scottsdale National Golf Club

Gateway To Membership at SNGC

The ultimate look inside the most exclusive golf club membership in Scottsdale lasts only 72 hours, but it leaves an…


A Look at PXG House at SNGC

What is PXG House? PXG House isn’t a typical clubhouse. Far from it, actually. Instead, it’s a contemporary gathering place…


National Clubhouse

Inspired by the architectural style of Spanish missions and haciendas, The National Clubhouse at Scottsdale National Golf Club mixes Old…

Elite Traveler


An Xtraordinary Xperience with Parsons Xtreme Golf

The Xperience offers a sneak peek inside one of the most exclusive golf club memberships in the country and touches on every aspect of club life. And though it may only last 72 hours, it leaves an indelible memory of fun.

Elevated Jetsetter

Elevated Jetsetter

The Epitome of the Jetsetter Experience

Elevated Jetsetter sits down with SNGC to discuss the most unparalleled golfing experience on the planet.

MSC 16

The Mine Shaft Course

Want to start a friendly argument? Ask members and guests to pick their favorite place at Scottsdale National Golf Club.…


SNGC Wine Cellar

There is no subterranean wine cellar at Scottsdale National Golf Club where bottles sit covered in cobwebs and remain untouched…



America’s Caddie

ESPN golf analyst Michael Collins, America's Caddie, takes on The Bad Little Nine with Burt Kreischer.

BL9 Hole 6

The Bad Little Nine

Do you know the difference between a hallucination and a mirage? Technically, it has to do with refracted light rays…