Chef's Table

Chef’s Table

The French Laundry in Napa Valley, California, and Le Bernardin in New York City, both 3 Star Michelin-rated restaurants, are considered among the world’s best. Can dining at a private golf course in Scottsdale be mentioned in the same breath as those esteemed dining destinations? Some say that the Chef’s Table in PXG House at Scottsdale National Golf Club has offered a comparable epicurean experience since being introduced in 2018. It’s the result of Bob and Renee Parsons taking the best of what they have experienced during their culinary travels around the world and bringing their own personalized version to the club’s members and their guests. For those staying on property in a luxurious Villa for multiple nights, enjoying the Chef’s Table on the final evening is an unforgettable way to cap off their visit. It’s also been the setting for a family dinner over the holidays, birthdays and wedding anniversary celebrations.

The exclusive opportunity enables members and their guests to interact with Executive Chef Mel Mecinas and Food & Beverage Director Shaun Adams as the duo prepares, explains and delivers food and wine pairings in a private setting. The concept of providing such an up close and personal view as part of the dining experience dates back centuries, when friends and family would gather in the kitchen to watch a cook at work. It’s an inside look, as well as an education of sorts, that lifts the veil on an otherwise somewhat mysterious process.  The Food and Beverage team are in their element during these events. “They always take the experience beyond my expectations,” says Renee Parsons. Themed offerings are available upon request and have included, among many others, a customized seven-course Truffle menu. At other times the evening’s theme is left as a complete surprise. The interactive meal leaves participants dazzled, informed and looking forward to their next evening at the Chef’s Table at Scottsdale National Golf Club.

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