Bob Parsons

One Rule

A private golf club membership comes with many things. Not the least of which are rules. Plenty of rules. Don’t do this. Don’t wear that. Don’t play too much. Don’t play too little. And on and on. All of the regulations create an atmosphere designed to keep members in line while inducing rigor mortis among guests who may be too nervous to even take a divot, let alone enjoy themselves. The exact opposite is true at Scottsdale National Golf Club. Oh, it’s as luxurious as any of the private golf courses in Scottsdale (or the world, for that matter), with 45 holes of outstanding golf, superb dining, and world-class accommodations. But when it comes to rules, there is only one: No member shall impinge upon another member’s enjoyment of the club. That’s it. One Rule. Seriously. There are no others. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

If you’re considerate of people and use your head, you can basically do whatever the hell you want while on the property. Make calls on your cell phone? Go ahead. Play music out on the courses? Crank it up. Want to play with 10 of your buddies in a single group? The tee is yours. Carrying on is actually encouraged. You can wear your hat in the clubhouse. Your skirt does not have to be a certain length. Any time is on time, and whatever you want to do, go do it. But don’t confuse having just a single rule with a free-for-all situation. Privacy and discretion are hallmarks of Scottsdale National Golf Club. Respect for fellow members is paramount. It’s not the kind of place where you will be approached on the driving range about a potential business deal. You will, however, meet successful, interesting and friendly people who really want to have fun. A lot of fun. Some are certified golf nuts while others just enjoy a relaxing round with friends in a stunning setting, followed by a cocktail and dinner on the terrace of PXG House overlooking the 18th green of The Other Course. None of them, however, are interested in following some set of arbitrary rules like those found at many private golf clubs in Scottsdale and beyond. That’s not to say the rules of golf don’t apply when you are competing out on The Mine Shaft Course, The Other Course, or The Bad Little Nine. But the One Rule captures the spirit of Scottsdale National Golf Club. If you can’t have fun here, well then consider yourself the exception to the rule.

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