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At a club with impeccable service, glorious golf courses, world-class dining and mesmerizing views of the Sonoran Desert in North Scottsdale, it would be quite the challenge to find something missing. But for the first few years of its history, Scottsdale National Golf Club needed one additional amenity to cement its position as one of the country’s premier private golf club memberships: elegant on-site accommodations with a global appeal that could serve as getaways for members and guests.

That need was met and exceeded in the summer of 2017 with the opening of the Villas, located between PXG House and the National Clubhouse. Clustered within a grouping of five freestanding buildings, each Villa contains three 4-bedroom suites. “They really fundamentally changed the dynamic of the club for the better,” said Renee Parsons. “You definitely have a different atmosphere where people are more settled in and super comfortable.”

All of the tastefully appointed suites within each Villa have a common living room and an outdoor terrace. Some also have a separate entrance and access to a sitting room, enabling another level of privacy if so desired. The Villas showcase yet another example of the unique level of luxury the Parsons have created at the Club for the national membership. “They don’t need to own a residence in the Scottsdale area to become a member,” said Renee Parsons. “Members can come in and have everything they need from an accommodations standpoint. The villas offer comfortable luxury and there is nothing cookie-cutter about them. You can have four friends stay in a villa and they all have their own personal space. There’s a serenity that comes with that, and a camaraderie as well.” There’s also a distinct air of privacy, driven primarily by the physical location of the Villas. “Part of the beauty of our golf courses is that we don’t have any homes lining the fairways,” said Renee Parsons. “So we wanted to keep the profile of the Villas low. That’s why they were built kind of sunken in to the landscape, which lends itself to a nice feeling of privacy.”

It would be hard to underestimate the integral role the Villas have played in lifting Scottsdale National Golf Club to heights reached by few private clubs in the country. The transformative impact they have had on the overall atmosphere of the Club has also been immeasurable. “Our members and guests who stay in the Villas are much more present, and there’s clearly more activity in the clubhouses,” said Renee Parsons. “It’s a much more lively, active vibe going on, especially in the evenings.”

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