SNGC Wine Cellar

There is no subterranean wine cellar at Scottsdale National Golf Club where bottles sit covered in cobwebs and remain untouched for decades. Instead the wine collection here – like life itself ­– is to be enjoyed right now, in the moment. And the more knowledge you acquire about wine, the more your sense of enjoyment will be elevated. That’s what members have gained through an interactive program designed to expand their palettes and experience with a variety of winemakers from around the world.

In turn, this has played a key role in fueling the exponential growth of the enviable wine list at PXG House, which has evolved in recent years from 80 bottles to more than 500, many of which are on display in the Mustang Grill. Whether during a tasting dinner at The Chef’s Table, or while enjoying a sunset view from the Perch on top of PXG House, a glass of wine at Scottsdale National Golf Club can be either familiar or adventurously new.

To maintain an ongoing conversation about wine with the local and national membership, Scottsdale National Golf Club initiated Wino Wednesdays with Shaun. It’s a one-hour Zoom call during which two bottles of wine per week – shipped in advance to participating members at their homes – are discussed. Shaun Adams, Director of Food & Beverage and Club Sommelier, shares extensive details about the wine, ranging from the geographic region where it’s produced to the background of the winemakers (who often participate in the call). Members join in from across the country and end up trying wines from around the world that they likely would never have known about otherwise.

Scottsdale National Golf Club also offers a wine cellar program that enables members access to highly sought after (but rarely found) bottles, recommended by Adams, to drink at home. “Learning their palette, finding out what they enjoy, and then introducing them to new wines is my goal,” he says. Cheers to that!

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