National Clubhouse

Inspired by the architectural style of Spanish missions and haciendas, The National Clubhouse at Scottsdale National Golf Club mixes Old World charm with modern amenities.

While implementing the functional spaces required by a golf course clubhouse, including men’s and women’s locker rooms, a golf shop and a men’s grill, architect David Mark Lane also focused on creating a finished product that wouldn’t have looked out of place a century ago. “We had a story to tell,” he said. “This was a hacienda with finishes and an overall look that would recall that past. Adobe used in the construction was fashioned in a similar color to the soil found on site. Hopefully it appeared as if it was one of the first buildings ever in Scottsdale.”

Opened in 2006, the facility has been greatly enhanced by Renee Parsons in recent years after she and her husband Bob purchased the Sonoran Desert property on which it sits. Most notably, she has overseen the addition and enlargement of numerous windows for more natural light; hardwood floors and natural wood in the ceilings have been exposed to create a warmer ambiance; and new outdoor landscaping has been installed to highlight native plants and flowers.

Today The National Clubhouse stands as perfect companion to PXG House, its more modern counterpart, by offering a Southwest feel evocative of the bygone days but with services commensurate with the modern needs of Scottsdale National Golf Club members and guests.

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