Perks of Membership - PXG GEN4 Golf Clubs | Scottsdale National Golf Club

Putting Members First

Membership at Scottsdale National Golf Club comes with many perks. One of the least known, but most valuable, is having early access to all things PXG. Whether it’s the newest PXG golf equipment or the latest clothing from PXG Apparel, members get the opportunity to see, try and purchase new products before they are made available to the public. 

Exclusive Club Perks Since The Very Beginning

That’s been the case from the club’s early days. When the very first set of prototype PXG golf clubs were introduced at a member-guest tournament in 2014 at Scottsdale National Golf Club, the overwhelmingly positive reception from members helped to propel PXG into the industry-disrupting golf equipment company it is today. Members still get an advance peek at PXG clubs with fitting available on-site in the high-tech fitting bays overlooking the driving range at Scottsdale National Golf Club – the latest being GEN4 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, which started pre-sale on March 9th of this year.

Early Access to The Latest PXG Apparel and Accessories

Seasonal collections from PXG Apparel Worldwide, which was officially formed in late 2018, are first displayed in the PXG Golf Shop at the club. That includes the 2021 Spring/Summer collection, the largest in the history of the company. With an eye towards sustainability, this season’s collection features eco-sustainable, highly technical fabrics that are lightweight, breathable and guarantee the same performance as standard sportswear fabrics. Already made available to members, providing a first look, the collection launched commercially on March 15th of this year. Yet another example of how members always come first at Scottsdale National Golf Club.  

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