Seven Little Known Facts About Scottsdale National Golf Club

A Peek Behind the Golf Curtain: 7 Things You May Not Know About SNGC

Given its very private nature, Scottsdale National Golf Club retains a certain air of mystery. Beyond its main gate lies a golf wonderland, however, enjoyed by members and guests. Here are some little-known facts that provide a peek behind this very exclusive golf curtain:

  1. The 999-square-foot green on hole 9 of The Bad Little Nine could fit within the 5th green of The Other Course 21 times. The latter measures 21,287 square feet, with nine feet of elevation across the surface. 
  2. The reservoir fronting the par 3 9th hole on The Other Course contains 23 million gallons of water.
  3. The wood planks shoring up the 13’ deep Mine Shaft Bunker are pieces of flooring from the original Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That facility was in operation from 1844 through 1996. 
  4. During construction, dead trees were purchased from a local nursery as the singular landscape design feature on The Bad Little Nine. 
  5. No one has ever officially broken par on The Bad Little Nine during a Challenge Day, when the hole locations are in the most difficult spots, since the infamous par 3 layout opened in 2016. Achieving that goal would enable that golfer to collect $1,000 from Scottsdale National Golf Club owners, Bob and Renee Parsons. 
  6. The hole at Scottsdale National Golf Club with the most aces is the 11th hole on The Other Course.
  7. During design and construction of The Other Course, Jackson Kahn Design created a map featuring each par side-by-side to show that each hole was very different from the others, a high priority to Bob Parsons.

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