Why We Don't Over-seed | Scottsdale National Golf Club


Most private clubs in Scottsdale close annually for a few weeks in late September and early October for an agronomic process known as overseeding. Scottsdale National Golf Club, however, is not like most clubs

No Switching Turf Types

While other clubs shut down their course to switch out seasonal turf types – usually from Bermuda grass, which goes dormant in the winter months, to Ryegrass – Scottsdale National maintains impeccable Bermuda grass conditions year-round via consistent aeration (to keep putting surfaces healthy) and top dressing (adding a thin layer of sand and soil to enhance turf quality).

No Loss of Turf

By not overseeding, the Club minimizes the chances of gradually losing the 328 Bermuda fairway grass over time to the point where a complete re-grassing of the entire course could be necessary. Not overseeding also helps to prevent an invasive species of grass known as Poa Annua from creating agronomic issues that can appear during the overseeding process 

No Other Course Like Scottsdale National Golf Club

But most importantly, it means that members and guests can play and enjoy the impeccable conditions of The Other Course, The Mine Shaft Course and The Bad Little Nine whenever they want.

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